Affiliate Marketing Book with 70 Reviews Averaging 5 Stars

Today Affiliate Program Management: An Hour a Day has reached a milestone: 70 reviews on What is even more encouraging is that they average 5 stars!

Here is the text of the latest review:

Geno’s book is probably the “holy grail” for people getting into affiliate marketing. The field is vast and filled with schemers. This book will help you avoid the pitfalls. It’s got everything you need in one place so you don’t have to scour the Internet for snippets. I think he genuinely wants you to run a great and valuable program — just look at all the promo ideas at the end of the book! [see it here]

Thank you all for ranking my work so high. This is truly encouraging to me.

Affiliate Management Book Selling Like Hotcakes – Worldwide!

I have been monitoring how my book is selling worldwide, and the numbers have been truly encouraging… Between the book sales data that I see, some 2,500 views of my recent presentation on advanced affiliate program management (in under 1 month), and a number of other signs, I am utterly impressed by the growth of interest in affiliate marketing. I believe there is a bright future ahead!

Here are also some interesting screenshots (that reflect the current book stock in Amazon stores across the globe):

USA — only 5 copies left

Germany2 copies left

France — just 1 left now

The book is also being sold in the United Kingdom, Spain, and Italy. These countries appear to have good quantities readily available to ship. So, if you’re in the European Union, and Germany (or France) runs out, consider these three.

Affiliate Book Nominated for Small Business Book Awards 2012

It is always flattering to learn that your book has been nominated for an award. Today I have learned that Affiliate Program Management: An Hour A Day has been nominated for the “4th Annual Reader’s Choice ‘Small Business Book Awards’ for 2012” — the awards that “celebrate the best books that small business owners, managers and entrepreneurs should read.” Find out more by clicking the screenshot below:

Thank you to whoever it was that nominated the book; and many thanks in advance for your support in the voting!

Visibility Magazine Features Prussakov’s Newest Book

The newest (Fall 2011) issue of Visibility magazine is now hitting mailboxes, and on pages 28-29 you may find an excerpt from Affiliate Program Management: An Hour a Day. I am proud to see my book featured in their “Visi Book Club”, the place where the magazine features “upcoming and newly released books from the internet marketing industry”:

As you can see below, it was an excerpt from Chapter 14 that was published in the magazine. It is one of most favorite chapters (and topics) — one of motivating affiliates. Honored to have Visibility’s attention there…

We’re in Top 10 Most Gifted Internet Books on Amazon

Reviewing Affiliate Program Management Hour‘s rankings on Amazon earlier today, I have learned that out of all books written on Internet-related topics it is now being ranked as the #8 “Most Gifted” book. You may have seen my below Facebook post on it too…

In addition to this (see the below screenshot too), the book now also ranks #4 most popular book “ordered as gift” in Direct Marketing and  #15 in Web Marketing.

Todd Farmer’s Review of Affiliate Progam Management Hour

Earlier this summer, owner of, original founder of Kowabunga and Kolimbo affiliate network, Internet Marketing faculty at the University of San Francisco, holder of prestigious Affiliate Marketing Legend 2011 award by Affiliate Summit, Todd Farmer published his review of Affiliate Program Management Hour. Here’s an excerpt from it:

The only way this book could have been written in such depth and so well-organized is through Geno’s years of “living it”.The result?  An extremely comprehensive book!

“Affiliate Program Management:  An Hour a Day” by Geno Prussakov is essentially a How To Course in Book Form.  It covers basic and advanced topics and is an incredible reference and guide. It is well researched, well written and well presented.

As always, you may view the full review by clicking the screenshot of it below:

Affiliate Management Book Nearly Sold Out at Amazon

Throughout the day yesterday I was Tweeting, and ReTweeting, and ReTweeting again… following how well the book is selling on And the way things look this morning, it is nearly fully sold out there:

Amazon has one of the best prices on it online, but once the book is sold out there, do not worry! First of all, you can still buy it from various other places online. And secondly, Wiley has plenty more copies, which they will get to Amazon a.s.a.p. So, even if you prefer to go with Amazon, you can order with them even after they’re sold out.

Autographed Book Copy at Barnes & Noble Fifth Avenue

Yesterday afternoon, on a short trip to New York City, I popped into Barnes and Noble at 555 Fifth Avenue, and signed a copy of my book that they had:

As far as I can see through their website, it is still available, and here’s a closer shot that will help you find it (look in Graphic & Web Design section; don’t ask me why):

Tip: per B&N website, you can reserve online “and pick up in 60 minutes at your local store.”

Amazon Customer Reviews Previewable on Twitter (Without Any Leaks!)

Yesterday, a fellow Internet marketer, Raquel Hirsch, ReTweeted my note that Amazon’s running low on Affiliate Program Management: An Hour a Day stock. Upon clicking the Tweet in her profile, I was pleasantly surprised to see that you can now preview the readers’ “Most Helpful Customer Reviews” of the book right there — without even leaving Twitter:

I don’t know how long this has been live, but this is a very nice feature!

Additionally, what is really nice is that when it is an affiliate link that is tweeted, and the end-user clicks any of the “Read more” links under the reviews, those also track. So, there is no leak there; and this feature should only help increase conversion of affiliate-tweeted Amazon links.

Affiliate Leaks, Remarketing, and My Book Amidst It All

Having been confirmed as a speaker for Affiliate Summit West 2012, I opened several travel websites, and started searching for my air tickets from DC to Las Vegas. Airline-specific websites (e.g.: and were nice and clean (in affiliate terms), but the vast majority of travel sites that sell airline tickets, hotel reservations, car rentals, and vacation packages, were literally stuffed with leaks (on top, on bottom, in the sidebar, etc). Here’s just one example:

Now, the above travel website has an affiliate program. And leaks (per page 353 of Affiliate Program Management: An Hour a Day) are defined as follows:

Leaks are external links within your website that lead to sites that do not credit your affiliates for the work they perform. They come in all sorts of shapes and forms, but the essence is always the same — the merchant benefits from them, while the affiliates who refer traffic to the merchant do not.

So, if I were referred to the above travel website by an affiliate (who is hoping to earn his/her commission/bounty should the sale happen), but then “leaked out” either to the Capital One website (through leak #1), or clicked one of the two links in the Google AdSense unit (leak #2) — note that #3 is actually not a leak but a banner that leads to a specific page on this travel website — neither Google, nor Capital One would have compensated the affiliate for the traffic that was originally attracted through his/her efforts!

Interestingly enough, on one of these websites I also found a remarketing banner — one with the products I’ve recently viewed on Barnes & Noble website. And guess what? My book was on the banner:

Nice job on the part of Barnes & Noble. Not a good job caring about their affiliates by … well, let’s just say another major travel website out there.