Jeff Molander Reviews the Affiliate Management Book on ReveNews

Another thoughtful and honest review of Affiliate Program Management: An Hour a Day has just gone live on, one of affiliate marketing’s oldest, trusted and unbiased sources [more about it here].

The new review has been authored by Jeff Molander, an affiliate marketing luminary, adjunct professor at Loyola University, author and professional speaker.

Here’s just a quick excerpt from his review:

Geno’s promise is simple: to show anyone interested in running an effective, profit-focused affiliate program how to research, launch, manage, and grow it — and he delivers. It’s not an easy promise to make because affiliate marketing is filled…FILLED…with potholes and dangerous black holes! Geno’s ability to address the darker, risky aspects of affiliate marketing is to be admired. More importantly, he’s providing a practical way to cope with them.

…Geno spends time with his readers helping them in ways that I’ve not seen before in a book on this subject. For instance, he walks you through a SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat) analysis, including what it is, why you need to do one, and how to make sure it serves your ecommerce business. It’s practical from beginning to end. Geno never lets you forget why you’re doing what you’re doing and helps you develop habits to power success.

You may read the full version by clicking the screenshot below:

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