Starting Something New: Autographing Books in Bookstores

Today many of us are buying our books online, and because of this on the where to buy page I haven’t even listed physical bookstores. That’s unfair… My book is available from many brick-n-mortar book sellers, and today I’ve decided to start something new: with all the travel (often in conjunction with the speaking) that I do, I thought — why not start walking into these physical bookstores, autographing the copies of my book that they have, blogging and tweeting about it, and helping them sell more of them.

So, today I went to the closest Barnes and Noble store (in Alexandria, VA), and autographed a copy of my book, which they kindly immediately put on display with a sticker “Autographed Book”:

The above autographed copy, should you be interested in grabbing it, is available at Barnes & Noble Booksellers on 3651 Jefferson Davis Highway, Alexandria, VA 22305. The B&N price is nearly identical to Amazon‘s; so, you may actually reserve your copy online, and then go pick it up in-store.

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