Affiliate Management Book Selling Like Hotcakes – Worldwide!

I have been monitoring how my book is selling worldwide, and the numbers have been truly encouraging… Between the book sales data that I see, some 2,500 views of my recent presentation on advanced affiliate program management (in under 1 month), and a number of other signs, I am utterly impressed by the growth of interest in affiliate marketing. I believe there is a bright future ahead!

Here are also some interesting screenshots (that reflect the current book stock in Amazon stores across the globe):

USA — only 5 copies left

Germany2 copies left

France — just 1 left now

The book is also being sold in the United Kingdom, Spain, and Italy. These countries appear to have good quantities readily available to ship. So, if you’re in the European Union, and Germany (or France) runs out, consider these three.

We’re in Top 10 Most Gifted Internet Books on Amazon

Reviewing Affiliate Program Management Hour‘s rankings on Amazon earlier today, I have learned that out of all books written on Internet-related topics it is now being ranked as the #8 “Most Gifted” book. You may have seen my below Facebook post on it too…

In addition to this (see the below screenshot too), the book now also ranks #4 most popular book “ordered as gift” in Direct Marketing and  #15 in Web Marketing.

Affiliate Management Book Nearly Sold Out at Amazon

Throughout the day yesterday I was Tweeting, and ReTweeting, and ReTweeting again… following how well the book is selling on And the way things look this morning, it is nearly fully sold out there:

Amazon has one of the best prices on it online, but once the book is sold out there, do not worry! First of all, you can still buy it from various other places online. And secondly, Wiley has plenty more copies, which they will get to Amazon a.s.a.p. So, even if you prefer to go with Amazon, you can order with them even after they’re sold out.

Amazon Customer Reviews Previewable on Twitter (Without Any Leaks!)

Yesterday, a fellow Internet marketer, Raquel Hirsch, ReTweeted my note that Amazon’s running low on Affiliate Program Management: An Hour a Day stock. Upon clicking the Tweet in her profile, I was pleasantly surprised to see that you can now preview the readers’ “Most Helpful Customer Reviews” of the book right there — without even leaving Twitter:

I don’t know how long this has been live, but this is a very nice feature!

Additionally, what is really nice is that when it is an affiliate link that is tweeted, and the end-user clicks any of the “Read more” links under the reviews, those also track. So, there is no leak there; and this feature should only help increase conversion of affiliate-tweeted Amazon links.