Affiliate Marketing Book with 70 Reviews Averaging 5 Stars

Today Affiliate Program Management: An Hour a Day has reached a milestone: 70 reviews on What is even more encouraging is that they average 5 stars!

Here is the text of the latest review:

Geno’s book is probably the “holy grail” for people getting into affiliate marketing. The field is vast and filled with schemers. This book will help you avoid the pitfalls. It’s got everything you need in one place so you don’t have to scour the Internet for snippets. I think he genuinely wants you to run a great and valuable program — just look at all the promo ideas at the end of the book! [see it here]

Thank you all for ranking my work so high. This is truly encouraging to me.

Todd Farmer’s Review of Affiliate Progam Management Hour

Earlier this summer, owner of, original founder of Kowabunga and Kolimbo affiliate network, Internet Marketing faculty at the University of San Francisco, holder of prestigious Affiliate Marketing Legend 2011 award by Affiliate Summit, Todd Farmer published his review of Affiliate Program Management Hour. Here’s an excerpt from it:

The only way this book could have been written in such depth and so well-organized is through Geno’s years of “living it”.The result?  An extremely comprehensive book!

“Affiliate Program Management:  An Hour a Day” by Geno Prussakov is essentially a How To Course in Book Form.  It covers basic and advanced topics and is an incredible reference and guide. It is well researched, well written and well presented.

As always, you may view the full review by clicking the screenshot of it below:

Amazon Customer Reviews Previewable on Twitter (Without Any Leaks!)

Yesterday, a fellow Internet marketer, Raquel Hirsch, ReTweeted my note that Amazon’s running low on Affiliate Program Management: An Hour a Day stock. Upon clicking the Tweet in her profile, I was pleasantly surprised to see that you can now preview the readers’ “Most Helpful Customer Reviews” of the book right there — without even leaving Twitter:

I don’t know how long this has been live, but this is a very nice feature!

Additionally, what is really nice is that when it is an affiliate link that is tweeted, and the end-user clicks any of the “Read more” links under the reviews, those also track. So, there is no leak there; and this feature should only help increase conversion of affiliate-tweeted Amazon links.

Jeff Molander Reviews the Affiliate Management Book on ReveNews

Another thoughtful and honest review of Affiliate Program Management: An Hour a Day has just gone live on, one of affiliate marketing’s oldest, trusted and unbiased sources [more about it here].

The new review has been authored by Jeff Molander, an affiliate marketing luminary, adjunct professor at Loyola University, author and professional speaker.

Here’s just a quick excerpt from his review:

Geno’s promise is simple: to show anyone interested in running an effective, profit-focused affiliate program how to research, launch, manage, and grow it — and he delivers. It’s not an easy promise to make because affiliate marketing is filled…FILLED…with potholes and dangerous black holes! Geno’s ability to address the darker, risky aspects of affiliate marketing is to be admired. More importantly, he’s providing a practical way to cope with them.

…Geno spends time with his readers helping them in ways that I’ve not seen before in a book on this subject. For instance, he walks you through a SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat) analysis, including what it is, why you need to do one, and how to make sure it serves your ecommerce business. It’s practical from beginning to end. Geno never lets you forget why you’re doing what you’re doing and helps you develop habits to power success.

You may read the full version by clicking the screenshot below:

Video Review of Prussakov’s Affiliate Marketing Book by Shawn Collins

Not too long ago, Affiliate Program Management: An Hour a Day was reviewed by a world-famous affiliate program management expert and affiliate marketing veteran, Shawn Collins. Not only did the co-founder of Affiliate Summit conference blog about the book — calling it “exhaustive on the subject” of affiliate program management and “a great investment for any affiliate manager” — but he was also kind enough to record a video review of it.

With thanks to Shawn, we are bringing you his video today:

If you don’t have a copy of the book yet, it’s not too late to order it. 😉

All Inclusive Marketing’s Sarah Bundy Reviews the Book

A well-known Canada-based OPM (which stands for an outsourced [affiliate marketing] program manager), Sarah V. Bundy of All Inclusive Marketing Inc. has just published her review of Affiliate Program Management: An Hour a Day. Here’s one of my favorite excerpts from her today’s blog post:

Geno leaves no stone unturned in his book, and I can honestly say that this book should be required reading for anyone who calls themselves an affiliate manager. I have ordered more copies for the office so our affiliate managers can have access to them any time they wish.

…I have read many books in the industry before this one, including both Shawn Collin’s book “Successful Affiliate Marketing for Merchants” and Geno’s previous book “A Practical Guide to Affiliate Marketing”. Both were very good, but still far from being the gem this one turned out to be.

Our affiliate team agrees, this book deserves a 5 star rating and will be a great internal resource for us, even as experienced affiliate program managers.

You may read the full review by clicking the screenshot below:

Eric Nagel Publishes Review of Prussakov’s Affiliate Management Book

Yesterday Eric Nagel, the winner of Affiliate Summit‘s 2011 Pinnacle Award in the “Best Blogger” category, has published his detailed review of my Affiliate Program Management: An Hour a Day book. Here’s one of my favorite excerpts from it:

Evgenii (Geno) Prussakov’s “Affiliate Program Management: An Hour a Day” could very well be the textbook for a course in Affiliate Program Management… This book takes you month by month, week by week and even day by day through starting or improving your affiliate program…

While I keep saying this is a textbook, Geno writes with a personal touch, that makes it read more like a blog. It’s like he’s talking to the reader, as he addresses “you” in the text and refers to himself and personal experiences.

The amount of information Geno has compiled is staggering, giving definitions, examples, comparisons and citing reports to back his claims.

Read Eric’s full review by clicking on the below screenshot:

Small Business Trends Review of Affiliate Program Management Book

Earlier this week Anita Campbell of Small Business Trends posted an in-depth review of “Affiliate Program Management: An Hour a Day”. Here is just an excerpt from it:

Evgenii “Geno” Prussakov (@eprussakov on Twitter)  has written a book that is ideal for small businesses and entrepreneurs who’ve thought about setting up an affiliate program, but don’t know where to start.  Geno walks you step by step through researching, launching, managing and growing your affiliate program. …if you consumed just one lesson per day, Monday through Friday, it would take you 4  and 1/2 months to get through all the daily lessons.  Of course, there’s nothing to prevent you from moving through it faster.  You easily can consume multiple lessons each day, as I did.  Lessons are just 2 to 10 pages each, with screenshots included.  But the one-hour-per-day learning format allows you to pace yourself if you wish.

What I Liked Best

My favorite sections are the sections on “mistakes to avoid” and ideas.  There are 10 Mistakes to Avoid with Banner Ads; 15 Mistakes Committed by Merchants; and 25 Affiliate Program Management Mistakes.  I also liked the bonus section on ideas for promoting your affiliate program.

For the full review, you may either use the link quoted in the very beginning of this post, or just click the screenshot below:

Search Engine Journal Reviews Affiliate Program Management Book

Thanks to Ann Smarty of the for her today’s review of the book. Here’s an excerpt from it:

Affiliate Program Management: An Hour A Day is a comprehensive book by the famous affiliate marketing pro Geno Prussakov (we have interviewed previously) containing a step by step guide on how to research, launch, manage, and grow a successful online affiliate marketing program.

All in all, like I said, the book is a must-have for anyone who plans to dig into affiliate marketing or just want to structure their knowledge

For the full review, you may either use the link quoted in the very beginning of this post, or just click the screenshot below: